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Here is a breakdown of how our script coverage can help.



Screenplay Reader Net is not just a screenplay analysis service; it's your ticket to turning your script into a blockbuster. The industry professional doesn't just read scripts; the reader lives and breathes storytelling. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for compelling narratives, the reader will provide thorough, insightful, and constructive feedback that propels your screenplay to new heights.


Script Coverage is the Hollywood standard way to have somebody give a rating on a screenplay. Usually, there are about four boxes for critical areas. Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor. Then there is an overall score: Pass, Consider, and Recommend. At SPRN, the reader will take it the extra mile than your standard four criteria coverage. We give you a score on Premise, Plot, Characters, Dialogue, Setting, Casting, and the final overall Pass, Consider or ever elusive Recommended score.

If you have a Consider screenplay, you are just a few areas of improvement away from a great script. However, if you’re looking for detailed coverage at an affordable price, check out the sample PDF below...

More Detailed Than

Standard Coverage


Here is a recent coverage for an espionage screenplay. It has ratings, logline, estimated budget, just about everything you can think of.





It's estimated that 95% of scripts get this rating.  It's back to the drawing-board of getting more feedback and rewriting.

Generally, about 5% of scripts get this rating. It's close but no cigar scenario. Just a few things needed to patch up.

You are in the 1% of Scripts Zone. The cream of the crop. Your script is pretty much diamond perfect and ready to sent off to be read.

We fully understand the importance of Privacy & Confidentiality as it applies to Intellectual Property (and specifically Entertainment Projects). will NOT sell, disclose, reveal or otherwise make available to ANY third party, ANY personal information to ANYONE for ANY reason once submitted to Us - period. Not even to law enforcement officials, unless ordered to do so by a Court of Law.  This includes, but is not limited to, Names, E-mail addresses, Phone numbers, Home-, Business, or Mailing addresses.  We value your business and property and allow you to submit your project with confidence that it is safely held confidential.

Four pages of in-depth notes. Eight segment criteria.



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