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  • Written more than 25 screenplays
  • Former Coverfly Wescreenplay Reader
  • Scriptapalooza Finalist
  • Semi-Finalist in Page Awards
  • Quarter Finalist in Final Draft's Big Break
  • Quarter Finalist in Road To New Republic Competition
  • Ghostwritten #1 Best Selling Books



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2021 TV Finalist

2022 Semi Finalist

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Hey. I'm Jeff.  I got my start writing coverages at the request of Kevin Pike, a renowned and Emmy-winning special effects expert who worked on Back to the Future and Jaws. I designed his Filmtrix website, and he wanted some opinions on some screenplays for his clients. I also began running his Filmtrix Social Media Account. From that point on, my career writing coverages began. Afterward, I started writing coverages on the Coverfly Peer review platform. For two years, I wrote coverages in the largest database for scripts. I've covered everything from semifinalists in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship to Screencraft/Big Break Finalists to people who are not native English speakers writing their first screenplay.


In the last 10 years, I've written more than 20 screenplays in almost all genres. From Comedy, to Horror, to Sci-Fi, to Western. For one of my scripts, I was agented at The Brogan Agency (it used to be a WGA signatory), and it was sent to a production company. For three separate scripts, I took contest placement. I've been a Quarter Finalist in both Final Draft's Big Break and Roadmap's Road to New Republic, a Finalist in the 2021 Scriptapalooza contest, and a Semi-Finalist in the 2022 Page Awards. I've also done some out-of-left field things in the film industry too. I did clip reel editing for producer Jack Binder and he produced the 2018 Oscar-nominated Ethan Hawke film “First Reformed," along with many others.


The big question is, where did I learn screenwriting from? Short answer: screenwriting, reading about screenwriting, and getting constructive feedback about screenwriting. I don't believe writers can really be made; they are born. It's more about creative DNA, tenacity, and work ethic if they wish to succeed or not as a professional. One can learn from those old-school DVD audio commentary tracks, too. I took the Quentin Tarantino approach; I learned screenwriting myself by trial, error, and input. It also doesn't hurt to be a lifelong film nut.


When I'm not burning the midnight oil writing, reading and covering scripts, I also am a designer. I have an expansive background in both graphic and web design (fifteen years). I have written mission statements and designed websites for Hollywood acting, Hollywood set and audio production companies.  Occasionally, I'm a ghostwriter of non-fiction books and have written 6 in total for clients around the country. Everything from neuroplasticity, to gambling, to ancient myths, to childhood education. From May to September 2024, I ghostwrote a seven-week #1 selling book in a 'storytelling' genre. To this day, it is a continuous top seller on Amazon and has reached the top spot again. Since then, it has spearheaded me forward to write my own books on the Kindle self-publishing format. Lastly, in October 2024, I pseudonym wrote a #1 book in a history/myth genre.


All in all, my heart is with fiction writing and helping writers improve their screenplays. That's my creative background and credentials in a nutshell. Don't hesitate to ask if you have a question about my coverage services.

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