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The Industry's Best Unproduced Screenplays List

These are are few of the top "Best" or "Liked" Lists.



The Red List


Embark on a journey through the finest works of the year from The Black List and Coverfly's The Red List.  These are screenplays that captivated readers and critics alike. This fabled industry collection transcends genres, offering a diverse tapestry of stories that will transport you to worlds both familiar and fantastical. Whether you seek thought-provoking narratives, gripping mysteries, or heartwarming tales, our list celebrates the power of storytelling.


Discover the artistry of acclaimed authors who skillfully weave words into unforgettable tapestries, each page an invitation to explore the depth of human experience. These books, carefully chosen for their literary excellence and impact, promise to stir your emotions, challenge your perspectives, and leave a lasting imprint on your soul. Check them out below.



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