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Screenplay coverage is the surefire way to know if your material is good enough for managers, agents, producers and contests.


Having in-depth analysis can turn a good screenplay great, a mediocre screenplay good, and a bad screenplay significantly better.  Each coverage  will get a Pass, Consider or Recommend rating.

In addition to that,  there will be five pages of notes. From missing beats, to clunky dialogue, we can help.


Whether you are a first-timer, or an expert of the craft, don’t hesitate to try our affordable services.










  • 3 day deadline
  • 4 pages of detailed notes
  • Character, Plot, Structure, Dialogue, and Concept Analysis
  • A Pass, Consider, or Recommend rating
  • Production values and setting critique
  • Scoring system to help compare your progress
  • E-mail your script after payment



  • 2 day deadline
  • Everything from the previous package plus...
  • Budget estimation
  • Custom written logline for competitions



  • 3 day deadline
  • Everything from the previous packages plus…
  • Page by page notes throughout the script (blue mark ups on pages in returned script)
  • Specific suggestions for detailed changes
  • 5 detailed questions answered how to dramatically improve your screenplay








  • 20 Years of screenwriting experience
  • Former Coverfly WeScreenplay Reader
  • Reader is Scriptapalooza Finalist
  • Covered Nicholl Finalist to first-timers
  • Full transparency who is reading
  • Ghostwritten Best Selling Books


The  #1 thing Screenplay Reader Net separates from other companies: It's all about the script and nothing but the script.  Many coverage companies use advanced algorithms and personal data.  SPR has a business model that is simple: No big tech approach to script coverages like competitors. The most important thing you want from coverages: pleasant objectivity. It's hard to write a great script. It's even hard to write a good, that takes years of practice and feedback and truly objective feedback without the big tech approach. This helps deliver the highest objective standard so the writer can see where it stands against the pinnacle.

More in-depth than typical coverage service.




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